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My name is Ward. I am 28 years old and have spent the last decade exploring what it means to heal and help others heal. My explorations took me into a study of clinical psychology, training in energetic healing, body-oriented (trauma) therapy, working with the responses of the nervous system and with the imprints of our life before birth. It also took me into an exploration of the multidimensional and mystical aspects of life. As well as into a re-evaluation of what we commonly call 'imagination', so that my experience and idea of self expanded from my identity (ego) to my soul and beyond. 
Many therapists, mentors, teachers, colleagues and friends helped guide me, as I took a deep dive into my own being. I started by exploring my developmental history (i.e. my experiences as a child), but was soon taken beyond that, to my experiences in the womb, experiences in other lives, ancestral/intergenerational theme's, experiences with energies and beings in the subtle realms of existence. In that proces I needed various new perspectives to accommodate my understanding of myself and the world. I learned to explore the world as energy. In fact I came to understand that I had always been perceiving the world like that, but without a framework for it I had been confused and had learned to distrust my perceptions. The perspectives my teachers offered and the perspectives of for example quantum physics helped me to see myself and the world with different eyes. Not as a mechanical place without meaning and a survival of the fittest, but rather as a vibrant, divinely organized and magical place, where survival/life based on coöperation is the main propelling force. Just like our body's are made up of trillions of different cells, all of us too make up the cells of a single body that is this planet (and beyond). We are all unique, yet also connected as one. None of us are alone in this life.
I came to understand that I was not healing from my symptoms and complaints, but from the disconnect from my soul and Source/Nature/the Divine. Facing my own wounds (of dissociation, symbiosis, etc.) led me to love myself more and remember who I am on a soul level, i.e. on a deeper level than only my personal identity. Therefore, as a therapist, my focus is on how all of us are unique and how our core light essence can express itself clearly in the world. That includes facing the self-distortions we've learned through socialization and other wounding, so that we can return to a state of authenticity. It is never a proces of (only) willpower, it is a proces of giving up the fight with ourselves and coming back into deep alignment with the soul rhythms/streams in the depth of our being. 
Over the years I've found that as a therapist, I am especially adept at connecting to parts of your soul that have gotten fragmented or seemingly split off from the whole that is you due to trauma. A few examples could be trauma in this life: like losing a person you love may lead to a part of you clinging to that person even after death (or vice versa); or other lives: for example you may be afraid to use a gift of clear emotional attunement because you have been persecuted or killed for that in other lives; or ancestral trauma: like allot of poverty in your family line may lead you to be constantly afraid about having enough money or the conviction you cannot earn what you need; or negative interactions with beings in the subtle realms (ex. spirits or extraterrestrials and the like with negative intentions) may have caused you to give away your life force or keep your expression small and limited, and so on. Mostly through clairvoyance and sentience, I am able to perceive these parts and guide you into retrieving and reintegrating them back into the full expression of your being. I often use singing and drumming (music in general) as an aid to do so.
On a Soul level, 'I' am a cosmic traveler, a boundless explorer. I've traveled many worlds and many dimensions. There's some places that have touched me more than others, or that I've found particularly interesting, even mesmerizing. Earth is one such place. Another is an elven and fairy-like world, a high frequency planet, filled with what you can imagine is woodland, divinatory forest sanctuaries where one can bathe and replenish and travel. It is particularly a traveling space, a point that connects many points, which is probably why I feel so at home there. And I've incarnated on planets near Arcturus, in angelic realms, and so on. As such, I'm able to help you remember your soul origins and soul travels, by mirroring you all the fields you cary. And if it's not in my system, I know how to surf either the akashic records or travel with you to see whatever part of your soul wishes to be seen and integrated, retrieved, remembered. 
This skill of traveling in the subtle realms of existence connects me deeply to our collective Celtic lineage and druidry here in the West, as well as many of the ancient nature based societies of this planet. As all of those had various ways of addressing issues of soul fragmentation and the retrieval of dissociated parts of soul. In that light, I am currently a member and student of OBOD, which druidic mystery teachings provide me with the initiations and ritual practices to once again, in this life, be attuned to the rhythms of nature (and I've always felt supported by the energies of the earth and it's nature-beings like elves and elementals). Both on a physical and a multidimensional level. Being attuned to my body and the natural world (especially the physical aspects of it) is an ongoing process for me, as it will probably be for many of you too. Interestingly, I've found that learning one of the old celtic languages that I felt drawn too (i.e. Manx, spoken on the Isle of Man) is proving very helpful to me in this process. On a more cosmic level, I feel very supported by and love working with the energy of Mantis Beings and Christ-consciouness. 
In general, I have a shapeshifting nature that allows me to let a multitude of energies, ancestors and beings work with and through me to facilitate healing. This particular skill is of great assistance in attuning to and mirroring back your uniqueness. As you too are connected to a variety of consciousness-fields and other incarnations. Whether they need to be addressed for you or not. And whether you’re aware of that or not. 
I am a bridge between the old world and the new. As such, I am a psychologist, but also a healer, a druid and a friend. And I bid you welcome if you feel called to connect with me.​​​​​​​

"Thank you for dying to your thoughts, so that the life in us could meet." - Annika Winberg
Formal Training
Our Journey Here - Cherionna Menzam-Sills (in training 2024-2025, training dedicated to working with/healing pre-and perinatal imprints)
Life Therapy - School of Life (2024, five year therapy training focused on body-oriented (trauma) therapy and energetic healing, as well as applied spirituality) 
Clinical Psychology - University of Gent (2017)

Other Relevant Training
Multidimensional Work with Groups - J. Van Wijgerden (2023)
Foundation Training Human Design - IHDS (2023)
The Embryo in Us (workshop) - Jaap Van Der Wal (2022)
Basic Medical Knowledge - Con Amore (2021)

For Clients Living in Belgium
I'm a registered psychologist with the commission of psychologists (approval number: 951122106) and with the government (visum number: 263542). That means there's a small compensation from the 'mutualiteit' per session. However, that only applies for sessions within the context of a therapy-trajectory and within the bounds of the deontological code of psychologists. For example, soul-retrieval and healing sessions unfortunately cannot count as they fall beyond the scope of traditional psychology. 
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