For Whom?
Individual therapy for adults (anyone over 18 years old). You may have a very clear intention to, for example:
- make a specific change somewhere in your life you want some help with
- explore/research recurring mood-swings, persistent mourning, burn-out, etc.
- heal old trauma imprints (including birth and pre-birth imprints like twin loss, difficult/assisted births, etc.)
- you'd like to explore medically unexplained or chronic physical symptoms from a psychological and spiritual point of view (only if you also see a medical doctor)
- you'd like to become more adept at living with your sensitivity and intuitive gifts (like clairsentience, clairvoyance, etc.)
- help in dealing with positive and/or negative experiences with energies and beings in the subtle realms
- .....
Offcourse, often your complaints will be much more vague and you may not know exactly what they are related to. So, you're also welcome if you are dealing with:  stress, feeling like you're not connected to your body or the physical world, unrest, feelings of emptiness, feeling stuck, unbridled or rather stuck anger/sadness/other feelings, feeling like you're not in control of your life, internal and/or external sabotage, feeling alone (even when you're with people), recurring dreams and/or nightmares, a recurring pattern in relationships (like the fear of being abandoned, or rather the fear of binding yourself), and so on.
Whatever your request for help may be, I'd like it to be clear that I will invite you to look at your complaints and symptoms with soft eyes. It really doesn't serve you to fight any part of yourself, so I won't be fighting any part of you either. More on that further on.
Life Therapy
Most of us have been taught from a young age that we are not good as we are and to conform to whatever rules/ideas/norms are present in our parents, family and broader social context. Often this has been unconscious programming that many people consider normal. Unfortunately therapy in the traditional sense seems to have taken over the same stance and people go looking with their therapists for what's 'wrong' with them and how to get 'better'. Conventional therapy has to some extent become a means of seeking re-conformity to the social standards that we live in. I do not want to repeat that same pattern. In fact I won't be seeking to change you at all. As far as I'm concerned, you can be naught but good as you are, in all your uniqueness. What we will do is seek out how your symptoms and complaints are signposts of your soul showing you where you are unconsciously keeping your full expression at bay. We'll make that as transparant as possible in your mind, emotions, body and imagination. That way, change can happen naturally and spontaneously in accordance with who you truly are and of its own accord.
Therapy is like an oyster in the proces of making a pearl. It starts with a grain of sand that irritates it (like a symptom or complaint). However, the oyster doesn't try to get rid of the grain, instead it slowly starts to envelop it with 'nacre' or 'mother-of-pearl', i.e. the substance that makes up the inside of the oyster. Just like we can lovingly look at our own symptoms from many different angles and with various perspectives. Eventually the oyster has thus made the grain of sand a part of itself. Likewise, you'll find out that the symptom or complaint you have has been a part of yourself all along. And like the grain of sand you will have gone through a transformation, no longer recognizable, but more beautiful than anyone could have imagined before. And like you and any part of you, every single pearl is unique. I consider it my privilege to guide you through the depths as you dive for your pearl in its oyster.
Below are Three Core Principles That I Value in Therapy
A Holistic Approach
We will take into account all the layers of your being: mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual/cosmic. Whatever your help-request is, we will always look at your whole life experience to feel into and understand your current situation and how we may cultivate change. That means that we will speak with each other about your experiences, but just as often we will have body-oriented and energetic explorations. In the same spirit, we will not only look at your developmental history from birth, but may also look at your experiences from conception to birth, ancestral and collective themes, influences from past/other lives, the state of your energetic body and so on. Those of you that are attuned to and have experiences with energies and/or beings in other realms of reality, whether positive or negative, are more than welcome too. 
Transparancy and Envelopment
As I wrote before, therapy is not about finding 'the problem' and getting rid of it, because you are not a problem and you cannot get rid of (any part of) yourself. Rather, symptoms lead to Soul. What is needed is transparency. The more you can reconnect to those parts of you that you've learned to push away, the more you can love them again (for instance your anger, your own will, your imagination/creativity, your emotions and needs, your sexuality, your sense of I, ...). That also counts for the exploration of those qualities of yourself that may never even have developed in your life (like a crystal clear intuition, a strong mind or attuned emotional awareness and other gifts you may have). By making these parts transparant through the symptoms/complaints you have, you'll start to be able to envelop them with love instead of resentment. You will start to feel that you are more than your guilt, your shame, your anger, your fear. More than your suffering. Your capacity to hold yourself from the viewpoint of an adult consciousness and a broader witnessing perspective will grow naturally, creating more space and peace in yourself, your relationships and your life at large.
The quintessence of any process you will go through is that you can embody it, i.e. that the information (for instance a new perspective, a new feeling, a rediscovered talent, a deep rest, a new way of handling an emotional situation, or any new experience of yourself/the world) can land in your physical form and eventually in contact with other people too. Therefore, throughout any session, I always put much emphasis on cultivating your ability to sense your own body. So that in time you are able to detect the minute changes that take place in it and you become more adept at surrendering to the self-healing ability intrinsic in it.
Frequency & Duration
The duration of therapy is dependent on the complexity of your question and personal intention(s). We will discuss this during the intake session and we will keep evaluating it throughout the duration of therapy. I've noticed that most people plan a session on average every three weeks. After that often monthly as their proces progresses over time and less sessions are needed/wanted. Of course this will also depend on your intentions and what you want/like yourself. 
Energetic healing and soul-retrieval sessions are offcourse a little different. Often people have multiple such sessions over time, but the gaps between the sessions are usually much bigger, spanning months. However, there too frequency is open for discussion and subject to your intention and wishes.
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