Soul Retrieval Session
As we incarnate into this life as well as through life experiences, it is possible that parts of our Soul/ become split of or fragmented due to trauma. Various wounding, whether in our early childhood, from conception to birth, past/other life experiences, ancestral theme's, negative experiences with beings in other realms of existence, ranging from angels and nature beings to extraterrestrials, and so on, can cause this to happen. As a result, we feel like we're not complete and that a part of our life force is not available to us. Which can manifest as mental, emotional and/or physical illness, as well as a general sense of imbalance and disconnection.
My strength lies especially in being able to attune to these parts of your soul that have split off, mostly by means of clairvoyance and clairsentience (i.e. I see inner images that guide me and feel along) and guide them back (of their own volition, I'll never force anything). Through your request for help/your intention I attune to the specific part(s) of your soul that is (are) ready to be reintegrated into and expressed as the whole being that you are. 
The kind of early and cosmic information that may come up, like other lives, pre-birth experiences and experiences with beings in non-ordinary reality are often of a very high frequency. Meaning they’re not as ‘material’ and can feel somewhat ‘airy’, especially if we only attune to those cosmic layers and not also the mental, physical and emotional layers of your being. Therefore, aside from simply relaying information to you, I may sing, draw, invite movement and the like to help integrate the information that comes up into your body. 
Furthermore, I consider this a co-creative process. Offcourse, most of the time I will be doing the retrieving and will be in communication with the soul aspect to be retrieved in the inner realms. However, I will often still ask you what's going on in your body, feelings, etc. We’ll be in touch the entire time and together let ourselves be led by the information that comes up.
A Soul Retrieval can take place online via zoom, skype or teams. However if you would live near or in Gent (Belgium), I do have the possibility to receive you in person. A session usually takes about 1,5h (but please reserve 2h of time, as it sometimes happens that we go overtime a bit) and costs 130 euros. 
Make sure you have a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed. Ideally you can both sit and lie down. You may wish to keep a blanket close and make a little altar with things you like. Whatever feels good to you. Trust your impulses to bring something or sit somewhere specific, and the like. Upon your request, I can record the session audio and send it to you afterwards. ​​​​​​​
A Reading Audio Recording
This is a distance session. You send me an intention (either through mail or through a short audio of your own) and I will attune to this intention for you, sending you all the information that comes to me in the proces. Your intention could be to have a deeper look into a relationship dynamic you have, it may be about mourning, it may be about a physical ailment you have. Aside from literal images or feelings that I perceive, it might also happen that I speak or sing light language.
Receiving this information in itself helps you connect tot the part of you that is in some way in distress. It helps to re-align yourself with your original divine blueprint for this life and shows you on a smaller or larger scale where you have still been holding yourself back.
A Light Language Healing Recording
Similar to the reading audio, the intention of this recording lies on the healing aspect and less on the receiving information. You can similarly send me your written or spoken intention and I will attune to it. It may still happen that I share some information in the form of images or the like if that does come up, however I mostly focus on the transmission of a healing light language transmission. It could be soothing, it could transport you to a non-ordinary realm of existence, it may make you laugh or cry. In any case, it will be healing (i.e. re-connecting to a part of yourself that may feel somewhat split-off).
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